Heat Pumps in Central Alabama

Year-Round Efficiency for Tri-County Homes

With Central Alabama’s long, hot summers and chilly winters, home utility bills quickly mount up. Standard Air has a money-saving solution: energy-efficient heat pump systems to heat and cool your home. With innovative heat pump technology, you’ll keep indoor climate at a steady, comfortable temperature year-round—with surprisingly low heating and cooling bills.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Conventional air conditioners and furnaces burn energy to lower or raise indoor air temperatures, but heat pumps harvest energy from the environment. The source of this energy may come from heat stored in the ground, the air, or in ponds and bodies of water.

Whatever the environmental energy source, the process is the same. Circulating refrigerant moves ambient heat around to provide both heating and cooling from a single heat pump unit. In winter, heat pumps move refrigerant to absorb heat from outside air. Then, they use this heat to warm the air inside your home. The process is reversed in summer when heat pumps circulate refrigerant to remove heat from inside air and release it outdoors.

Tri-County Heat Pump Advantages

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that heat pumps produce cooling and heating at approximately 25 percent of the energy cost of conventional HVAC equipment. In addition, heat pumps deliver these advantages to Central AL homeowners:

  • A single unit provides both heating and cooling, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Heat pumps deliver greater comfort with more uniform temperature and humidity control.
  • Heat pump technology is energy-efficient and non-polluting.
  • Homeowners save money, season after season, with lower utility bills.

Energy Savings From Standard Air Conditioning

Upgrading your home to an energy-efficient heat pump system is just one way Standard Air helps Tri-County residents keep their cool at prices that don’t break the bank. Our low-cost energy audit also reveals overlooked maintenance and worn HVAC equipment that could be costing you money. Discover hidden sources of home energy waste by calling 334.472.5000. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives can help you schedule an energy audit or discuss high-efficiency heating and cooling upgrades.