Tri-County Heat Pump Repair

Count on Standard When Your Heat Pump Fails

Prompt and dependable heat pump repair in Wetumpka and the Tri-County Region is just a phone call away: 334.472.5000. Standard Air’s NATE and EPA-certified indoor climate control experts are ready to provide emergency repair service, 24/7. Count on the Standard Air team to arrive in trucks that are fully stocked to handle the most common heat pump repairs, so your family’s comfort and safety are restored in the shortest possible time.

Common Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps are some of the most reliable and efficient heating and cooling products on today’s market, so serious repairs occur infrequently. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are a wise way to pinpoint worn parts or looming problems. Always pay attention to these early warning signs that your heat pump may need repair:

  • Unusual noises like squeals or banging
  • Inconsistent heating & cooling temperatures
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Too much or too little humidity in the air
  • Increasing utility costs
  • A motor that is short-cycling (cutting in & out frequently)

If you notice any of these telltale signs, trust your system to the professionals at Standard Air. Required repairs may be as simple as changing a worn fan belt, cleaning a filter or making adjustments to your thermostat.

Regular Maintenance Leads to Fewer Repairs

The greatest enemy of a heat pump’s long life is neglected maintenance. A well-cared-for heat pump should continue to serve your home for 15+ years, but a heat pump with deferred maintenance may need to be replaced after as little as 10 years. To help homeowners avoid premature system replacement and keep their heat pumps operating smoothly, season after season, Standard Air offers a comprehensive heat pump Planned Maintenance Agreement. For a low annual fee, our certified HVAC experts perform seasonal inspections and routine repairs like:

  • Replacing fan belts
  • Changing or cleaning filters
  • Checking humidity & temperature controls
  • Clearing debris from outside components
  • Inspecting function of electrical connections & controls

A Standard Air Planned Maintenance Agreement is the easiest, most cost-effective solution for extending the useful life of your heat pump and preserving your family’s indoor comfort.

Emergency Heat Pump Repairs 24/7

When unexpected heat pump breakdowns occur, Standard Air is your choice for 24/7 emergency repairs. Call 334.472.5000 for emergency service and a licensed and certified technician will respond promptly with the parts and tools necessary to fix most common problems. In addition, maintenance agreement members receive discounts on repairs and parts. Sign up for a Standard Air Planned Maintenance Agreement today, and schedule your first seasonal inspection now.